What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity

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There is a Problem:

In Ghana, Christians alone constitute over 70 percent of the population – according to the 2014 Ghana Demographics Profile* – besides Muslims and Traditional Religion adherents. Ghanaians (and indeed, Africans) are very religious, and have been praying fervently and consistently. Besides, the Universities, Polytechnics, Training Colleges, and Technical Schools produce numerous intellectuals – Professors, Doctorate Holders, Masters Holders, Diploma Holders, and a whole lot of people with serious academic credentials; some from very reputable universities across the globe; yet the country/continent is bedeviled with age-old developmental problems such as indiscriminate littering, ignorance, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, stack poverty and general underdevelopment – even though the country/continent is blessed with such abundant stream of natural resources. Why is this so? And what is the solution/remedy?


In my previous project (You may click here for more about my previous project) I answered this question to a very large extent; however, I focused on the role of formal/mainstream education (Schooling) and was – inadvertently – silent on the role of the church (which turns out to be the biggest stakeholder). Indeed, what the church teaches has been a major cause of the problem, and even more so what the church refuses to teach. On the other hand, the solution/remedy lies in what the church should stop teaching, and even more so what the church should endeavour to teach!


You agree with me that we cannot continue to do the same thing(s) we have been doing all this while – over and over again – and expect different/better results; the word/expression for describing that, is unprintable! In this article and the related ones, therefore, I seek to share some specifics. I will draw attention to the deep but ‘not-so-obvious‘ issues that we Christians largely overlook (and they consequently harm us) alongside the obvious ones that need to be highlighted; with the goal to help us (including myself) to harness more of our true/hidden potential and consequently solve our existing/persisting problems – as well as the emerging ones – and live far happier/fulfilling lives while here on earth, and leave a far better country/continent for our children and our children’s children.


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4 thoughts on “What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity

  1. Churches in Africa is design to control, extute and defraud the the poor and promise them heaven while the pastors enjoy heaven on earth. Everywhere you go you see blue eyes white Jesus and a black pastor posters all over Africa that’s religious colonialism what the needs to educate the people about is self reliance and self sufficiency

  2. I dont know which bible or church or preachers you been listening to, all I know is the bible says faith without works is dead (james 2.14) That is why Jesus himself worked, both as a carpenter and a rabbi.

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