The Most Difficult Question Ever Asked, and the Most Responsive Answer!

I recently had a special interaction with a very brilliant university graduate; we touched on a number of pertinent issues, and typical of me, I was full of probing questions. To my delightful surprise, he had recently visited this website and had taken notice of the many books I had written; currently 15 and still counting. Apparently, he had tried writing a book soon after graduating from the University and had found the venture so tedious, tasking and demanding that he had virtually given up on it. And this was the basis for what – perhaps – is the most difficult question I have had to answer, and I keep getting that same kind of question every now and then; he asked:

So, how does one get to sustain himself through a venture that becomes extremely difficult to keep at, and one feels like giving up?


It reminded me of a question one role model asked me when I was all worked out by this tedious Research & Development, and Writing and all that go with it, and was actually organising a press conference to announce the insightful findings to the media, and the world. After narrating the national and continental problem I was attempting to solve by my effort, she asked me: “Why bother?”


In either cases, the key is simple: “You must first have a very strong reason for undertaking the venture; a strong reason why! And when you feel like giving up, remember the reason why you started it in the first place.” I told this young university graduate, and added: “All that can be made relatively easier through the application of Zing4Life! principles, techniques, and strategies;” you may click here to see.

So, what has been that ‘strong reason’ that was potent enough to have sustained me through the writing of all the 15 books; why was writing all these books so important? Especially since it was a continuous effort within the 6 years period, and just four hours of sleep per day on the average. And it was all such that there was little time for regular work, and so I had to take commercial loans to support the Research & Development, Writing, and all that go with it. Why or how was this project so important?

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