The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity – II

Once upon a December:

It was December 2012, and I was gladly ending some seven years of exciting research and development work on Zing4Life!Top Secret of the World’s Truly Great Achievers – and naturally, the thought of ‘what project to tackle next’ was on. I knew it would be good to focus on a project to help the Small & Medium Scale Businesses/Enterprises; I would call it Zing4Cash! But then, reality hit me; I was going to ignore the second crucifixion – Crucifixion of the Holy Scriptures! Crucifixion by who? Many; including some ‘men and women of God!’ most of whom do not really mean to do so; but they end up doing so all the same – essentially preaching what is more of personal opinions and presenting them as facts/truth. And that which is causing this will amaze you!


Since we cannot continue to do the same thing(s) we have been doing all this while – over and over again – and expect different/better results, and as a sequel to ‘What the Church Refuse to Teach About Christianity,’ in this article, I will highlight some attitudes of grave negligence we apply to the content of the Bible, as I continue to draw attention to the deep but ‘not-so-obvious‘ issues that we Christians largely overlook (and they consequently harm us) alongside the obvious ones that need to be highlighted.


Outline/Table of Contents (ToC):


4 thoughts on “The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

  1. I believe this piece is a good for our time… many must learn to search scripture themselves. The act of only eating from the pulpit must stop!!! we must desire to have a personal relationship with God via the study of His word and seeking His truth.

    God is with us.

  2. “The Pastor of Hermas was one of the most popular books, if not the most popular book, in the Christian Church during the second, third and fourth centuries. It occupied a position analogous in some respects to Bunyan’s

    • RichieKofy, thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment/feedback. I encourage you to share with your friends and associates, so they can be blessed too!
      I also encourage you to check out the other articles; very insightful I must say.

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